Sunday, February 5, 2017

4th/5th Update

4th Grade:  Fourth graders have been having a great time exploring their second country of the year, Argentina.  One of their favorite parts of the country so far has been exploring the district of "La Boca."  Students learned that the houses, stores and buildings in this area are colorful with various textures.  They were ecstatic when they found out they were going to make their own version of a neighborhood in "La Boca."  They spent a couple of days working very hard at their projects.  Take a look!

5th grade:  Students in 5th grade are deep in their unit on animals and descriptions.  Last week, they played their own version of the popular game "Hedbanz."  One student had to put an animal on their forehead (without knowing which animal it was).  This student then asked his/her group members questions about the animal until they were able to guess the correct animal.  They were asking questions such as, "¿Cómo es?" (What is the animal like?) "¿Cómo se mueve?" (How does the animal move?) and "¿Dónde vive?" (Where does the animal live?)  Here are some pictures of Mrs. White's class playing "Cintas" (Hedbanz).

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