Tuesday, December 20, 2016

3rd/4th/5th Update

3rd Update:

Students in third grade have been extremely busy!  In order to culminate their unit on community, each student was asked to describe where they go in the community and what activity they do in each place.  Students used first person verbs such as "como" (I eat) or "veo" (I see) in order to write their sentences.  They even got to take pictures of themselves acting out the activities.  Check out the links below to see what a wonderful job they did.

This week, we also finished our "trip" to Panama.  It has been wonderful to see the students gain cultural awareness and appreciation throughout their journey.  Towards the end, students learned about the Panama Canal.  It was fun to teach them how it works and why it was created.  In order to solidify what they learned, students created their own version of the canal.  It was challenging (especially communicating with their group all in Spanish), but they did it!  Clink on the link below to see a short video featuring the amazing projects created.  

4th Update:

4th graders have been cooking up some incredible Spanish over the last few weeks.  They finished up their food unit with some exciting activities and projects.  Some of you may remember Supermarket Sweep (one of my favorite tv shows).  The students had the opportunity to compete in a similar version we called "Mercado Mania."  Each class broke into teams.  In partners, students were given a shopping list, the classroom was turned into a grocery store, and they were off!  The team who was able to get all the items on their list the fastest was the winner of the round.  The link below has some video footage from the day!

For the last project of the unit, students were asked to create their own television show for the Food Network in Costa Rica.  Students "traveled" to Costa Rica this semester and learned that soup is a popular dish throughout the country.  For their television program, students created their own recipe for a Costa Rican soup and acted it out for their peers.  I was amazed at how creative they were. Check out the link below to see your child's presentation.

5th Update:

A couple weeks ago, students in 5th grade began their next unit in Spanish- animals!  They have reviewed familiar vocabulary and learned some new ones.  A few of their favorites so far have been "hipopótamo" (hippopotamus), "mariposa" (butterfly), and "cebra" (zebra).  Students have been playing some of their favorite vocabulary games to help them practice new words.  The video below shows two fifth grade classes playing "ranas."  In this game, students have to name vocabulary words and then have the opportunity to jump frogs for different point values.  It's a fan favorite for sure!

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