Monday, November 21, 2016

4th/5th Update

4th Grade: Students are well into their food unit and having a blast!  It has been so much fun to hear them talk about what foods they like and dislike.  Recently, they had the opportunity to create a menu for their own restaurant.  It was a great opportunity to review vocabulary from last year such as breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Check out the menus below to see what your child "cooked up!"

5th grade: The fifth graders began their cultural journey to Spain this year.  We have specifically been concentrating on the city of Madrid for the first trimester.  Recently we talked about how the "Museo del Prado" is one of the main tourist attractions in Madrid.  One of the most famous paintings in the museum is "Las Meninas."  The students were asked to study the painting and create a Spanish dialogue to go along with the characters in the painting.  It was quite impressive how they were able to include past vocabulary and phrases to make the characters come alive.  You can see them below!