Monday, October 3, 2016

3rd/4th/5th Grade Updates!

¡Buenas tardes!  Students in all grade levels have been extremely busy over the last few weeks in Spanish class...check it out!

3rd grade- Take a look around the neighborhood!  3rd graders have been delving deep into their first thematic unit of the year- the community.  It has been exciting singing songs and learning how to say various landmarks around Northbrook.  Some of their favorites so far have been "heladería" (ice cream shop), "juguetería" (toy store), and "la piscina" (the pool).  Next time you are driving around the neighborhood with your child, make sure to ask them how to say different places in Spanish.  You will surely be impressed!

4th grade- It has been a delicious few weeks as the 4th graders have started their food unit.  This is always a fun unit to do with the students (although it makes us all a little hungry).  We have read books, played games and even sang a vocabulary song to the tune of "SpongeBob Square Pants!" Next time you and your family are sitting around the dinner table, see if your child can tell you their favorite food in Spanish.

5th grade-  Students in fifth grade have just finished learning an entire set of vocabulary words based on farm life.  In the past, our classes have told us they would love to learn how to say more animal names in Spanish.  Therefore, this year, many units are designed around animal vocabulary!  This first unit has included some of their favorites: "oveja" (sheep), "vaca" (cow) and "caballo" (horse).  Over the next couple of weeks, students will learn various prepositional phrases so they can describe where the animals are located on the farm.

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