Tuesday, January 26, 2016

4th/5th- Personas de Comida

¡Buenos días!  The fourth and fifth graders just finished a project using the food vocabulary they have learned.  Their mission was to create a person completely out of food!  They were asked to label it and then record their voices describing how they felt about each food.  For example, some students may have said, "Me encantan las zanahorias" (I love carrots).  They may have also expressed their dislike such as, "No me gustan las hamburguesas" (I do not like hamburgers).  It was so much fun to see their creativity shine through.  The students are coming home with their projects today, so make sure to ask them to see their person.  They can also sign into their google accounts at home so you can listen to their recordings.  Here are a few examples...

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