Friday, December 4, 2015

4th/5th grade- Menu activity!

What an awesome two days it has been in Spanish.  We just finished learning all of the vocabulary for our food unit (the students know over 30 words)!  Yesterday, 4th and 5th graders had the opportunity to create their own restaurant and decide what they would serve on the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Some of them decided to serve typical meals (such as cereal or eggs for breakfast) and others got very creative by mixing up different types of food.  Today, they finished creating their menus and then we learned how to say two new phrases: "How delicious!" (¡Qué delicioso!) and "How disgusting!"  (¡Qué asco!)  Students shared their menus with their classmates and they got to decide if they thought it was delicious or disgusting.  You can imagine how much fun they had with that!  The menus will be coming home with the students today, so make sure to have your child show you all they know.  Have a good weekend!

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