Monday, October 26, 2015

Flat Stanley and Food en Español

3rd grade- This week third graders started a Flat Stanley project.  Your child should have brought home a manilla envelope with their very own Esteban el Plano (Flat Stanley).  Each student is responsible for taking Esteban around their community and taking pictures of him in several different spots (stores, restaurants, library etc.)  The letter on the envelope has all the details.  Pictures of Esteban are due on Thursday, November 5th!

4th/5th grade- A new unit on food began today!  Students were told they will create their own "Food Network en Español" program at the end of the unit (this is what they will be working towards over the next couple of months).  They began the unit by playing games to review what food words they already knew.  It was incredible to see what they recalled from their first three years in Spanish.  Most classes came up with 20-30 words on average...before even beginning the unit!  ¡Muy impresionante!

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