Monday, December 11, 2017

4th Grade Food Network

The 4th graders have just finished a very exciting project for their food unit.  They were asked to create a soup recipe for our version of "Food Network de Costa Rica."  We talked about how soup is a very popular food in Costa Rica and that it usually contains rice, meat and vegetables.  The students were paired up to create and act out their recipes (as if they were really on the Food Network).  For this project students needed to have a strong foundation of food vocabulary along with action words such as "cut" (corta), "mix" (mezcla), and "pon" (put).  I was so impressed by the work they did.  Check out the videos below! 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

3rd Grade Panama Canal

¡Buenos días!  This week the third graders concluded their "visit" to Panama.  In one of their last lessons, they learned all about the Panama Canal.  Ask your child to explain to you the importance of the canal.  Hopefully they will tell you it was constructed so that boats did not have to travel all the way around South America in order to get from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean (or vice versa).  In order to demonstrate their understanding, the students were given the opportunity to construct a model of the canal.  If you watch the video below, you will see them creating their masterpieces! 

Friday, November 17, 2017

4th Grade Update

It has been a fantastic few weeks in 4th grade Spanish.  Over the last two weeks the students completed a mini unit on place setting vocabulary.  For example, they learned how to say words such as "plato" (plate), "vaso" (glass), "servilleta" (napkin).  They even got to make their own Spanish placemat.  They brought them home today ready to use for your Thanksgiving table or even your regular dinner table.  I asked the students to please send me a picture of them using the placemat so we can look at them together when they return from break.  You can send them to my email at  Don't forget to ask them to sing the vocabulary song that goes along with it too! 

The 4th graders also finished writing comics in google classroom.  In order help the students progress as writers, they were asked to create a dialogue.  The only requirement was to include the questions ¿Te gusta....? (Do you like....?) and ¿Qué te gusta más? (What do you like more?) somewhere in their conversation.  The end result was amazing!  Make sure to check it out below.  

*Unfortunately, we are having some technical difficulty with the folder for Ms. Mazzarella's class.  
If your son/daughter is in this class, please have them log-in at home to show you their comic.  
Sorry for the inconvenience.  

Sunday, November 12, 2017

3rd Grade Panama Animals

The third graders are knee deep in their "trip" to Panama.  Recently, we have discussed the various types of animals that live there.  It was by far one of their favorite lessons.  We talked about how certain species of animals can only be found in Panama.  Later we discussed four animals that are very popular there (butterflies, armadillos, agoutis and sloths).  The students were challenged to choose one of these animals and claim them as their "new pet."  They had the opportunity to name the animal and type of up a description.  This was excellent practice of the phrase "se llama" (it's name is) which they learned previously in Spanish.  We also reviewed "es" (it is) and "tiene" (it has).  Some of them even went on to talk about their pet's personality.  Make sure to check it out below!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

5th Grade Animal Projects

¡Buenas tardes!  The fifth graders just wrapped up their animal unit.  While they were sad to say goodbye to animals, they had a great time with the culminating project.  Each student had the opportunity to create their own pet!  They used google draw to create a pet they would describe to their classmates.  In their description the fifth graders were asked to include the pet's name, a description of the pet, where it lives, how it moves and any other interesting information.  We talked about how after 4.5 years of Spanish they should be pushing themselves to include past vocabulary in their descriptions and write more complex sentences.  I was absolutely amazed at the result!  As you read about your child's new pet you may find out about their personality, occupation, birthday, favorite food and even their favorite hobby.  Some of these students have quite the sense of humor!  We also talked about organizing their writing just like they do in English.  Check out the links below and have your child explain to you all about their new pet.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

3rd Grade Community Projects

¡Hola!  It is my pleasure to share with you what our third graders have been working on in Spanish.  We are coming to the end of our community unit and the students have just finished a project where they were asked to write about where they go in the community and what they can or can't do there.  In this unit we concentrated on phrases such as "Voy a" (I'm going to ____) and "Puedo" (I can ____).  The third graders were then asked to take pictures of themselves acting out what they do in various places around the city.  Most of them even got up in front of their class on Friday to present their projects to their classmates.  It took a lot of courage and they were very proud of themselves!  Check out the links below to see your child's work. 

Friday, October 27, 2017

4th grade Name Banners

It was an extremely exciting week in 4th grade Spanish.  Students were waiting patiently and have finally chosen their Spanish names!  To celebrate this occasion, each child went onto google classroom to make their own name banner.  On their banner, each student was asked to state their "new" name, birthday, age, favorite color, how many pets are in their family along with any other information about themselves.  Some of them even had time to decorate them with images representing their identity.  Check them out below to see how impressive their Spanish has become.  Have a great weekend!