Friday, February 9, 2018

3rd Grade Dream Rooms

¡Buenas tardes!  I have some exciting student work to share with you.  The third graders have been working very hard on their house unit since we got back from Winter break.  Last week they finished up the unit with a culminating project.  They were asked to design their own dream room.  This could be a bedroom, kitchen, living room etc.  They used google draw to design their masterpiece and then described it in Spanish.  We talked a lot about turning "frases básicas" (basic sentences) into "frases fantásticas" (fantastic sentences).  The students wrote amazing sentences that included details such as the number, size and color of objects in the room.  They really challenged themselves to write higher level sentences.  Check them out below!

Monday, January 29, 2018

5th Grade Personality Activity

¡Hola!  The 5th graders are knee deep into their celebrity unit.  Throughout the last few weeks they have learned how to say various adjectives describing personality such as "energético" (energetic), "tranquilo" (calm) or "amable" (nice).  During this unit, the students are practicing how to describe other people and also themselves.  Last week, the 5th graders learned the question ¿Cómo eres tú? (What are you like?) and "Yo soy..." (I am ....).  In order to solidify their learning, they did an activity where they had to describe themselves in Spanish.  Then, they had to take a picture of themselves acting out each personality trait they chose.  Your children sure are creative!  Check out the links below to see how they turned out.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

5th Grade Architecture Projects

5th Grade:  ¡Buenas tardes!  Just before break, the 5th graders finished up their shape unit.  This was a unit the students had requested themselves!  During these few weeks, students practiced shape vocabulary and also two important grammar points.  The first one was definite articles and the second was noun adjective placement/agreement in a sentence.  These were two challenging topics because it is very different than what the students are used to in English.  For example, in English, there is only one way to say "the" but in Spanish there are four (el, la, los and las)!  Also, in English, the adjective is placed before a noun while in Spanish it is the reverse.  For example, in English, we would say "The brown table."  In Spanish, it is written as "La mesa café."  The students had a lot of opportunities to practice during class but is definitely a skill we will continue to work on throughout the year.  For their culminating project, they were challenged to create a building out of shapes in Google Draw.  Then they were asked to describe their building using the grammar points we had discussed throughout the unit.  The result was incredible!  Check them out below...

Holiday Updates

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!  Happy New Year!  I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season.  Before break, we had the opportunity to talk about holiday celebrations around the world in each grade level. 

3rd grade:  The third graders read The Legend of the Poinsettia.  Before reading, we discussed the meaning of a legend which was a great learning experience for everyone.  In the legend, many years ago, a girl from Mexico (with very little money) decided to bring plants to her church while everyone else brought gifts.  She was disappointed that she didn't have enough money to buy gifts, like everyone else, but she decided to bring a gift from her heart.  While it was looked down upon at first, the plants miraculously turned into bright red flowers (poinsettias).  The legend reminds us how "gifts from the heart are the most important!"  The students then had time in class to make their own poinsettias.

4th grade:  The fourth graders learned about Las Posadas.  Las Posadas is a Christmas tradition celebrated mainly in Mexico.  It begins nine days before Christmas.  Each evening neighborhoods come together to reenact a story from long ago.   In the reenactment, they go house to house asking for shelter.  Each house says no until the very last house lets them enter.  At this house, they have a big celebration with food, music and dancing.  The fourth graders read stories, played games with vocabulary from the holiday, and also had the option to make a short book explaining the meaning of Las Posadas.

5th grade:  The fifth graders took part in a Spanish New Year's Eve tradition during class.  In Spain, on New Year's Eve, there is a very popular tradition called "Doce Uvas" (12 grapes).  Right after the clock strikes twelve, a chime goes off twelve times.  When you hear a chime, you eat a grape!  We talked about how eating twelve grapes in twelve seconds is no easy task!  Every time you eat a grape, you are supposed to make a wish for the upcoming year.  Since there are twelve months of the upcoming year, you are encouraged to make twelve wishes!  Unfortunately, we couldn't try this out with real grapes but we played a game instead.  In the game, the students drew a face on a paper plate and put it on their head.  Then, without looking, they tried to draw a circle (a grape) in the mouth each time the chime went off.  The goal was to try to get all 12 grapes in the mouth they drew.  Check out the pictures below to see the great time had by all!

Monday, December 11, 2017

4th Grade Food Network

The 4th graders have just finished a very exciting project for their food unit.  They were asked to create a soup recipe for our version of "Food Network de Costa Rica."  We talked about how soup is a very popular food in Costa Rica and that it usually contains rice, meat and vegetables.  The students were paired up to create and act out their recipes (as if they were really on the Food Network).  For this project students needed to have a strong foundation of food vocabulary along with action words such as "cut" (corta), "mix" (mezcla), and "pon" (put).  I was so impressed by the work they did.  Check out the videos below! 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

3rd Grade Panama Canal

¡Buenos días!  This week the third graders concluded their "visit" to Panama.  In one of their last lessons, they learned all about the Panama Canal.  Ask your child to explain to you the importance of the canal.  Hopefully they will tell you it was constructed so that boats did not have to travel all the way around South America in order to get from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean (or vice versa).  In order to demonstrate their understanding, the students were given the opportunity to construct a model of the canal.  If you watch the video below, you will see them creating their masterpieces! 

Friday, November 17, 2017

4th Grade Update

It has been a fantastic few weeks in 4th grade Spanish.  Over the last two weeks the students completed a mini unit on place setting vocabulary.  For example, they learned how to say words such as "plato" (plate), "vaso" (glass), "servilleta" (napkin).  They even got to make their own Spanish placemat.  They brought them home today ready to use for your Thanksgiving table or even your regular dinner table.  I asked the students to please send me a picture of them using the placemat so we can look at them together when they return from break.  You can send them to my email at  Don't forget to ask them to sing the vocabulary song that goes along with it too! 

The 4th graders also finished writing comics in google classroom.  In order help the students progress as writers, they were asked to create a dialogue.  The only requirement was to include the questions ¿Te gusta....? (Do you like....?) and ¿Qué te gusta más? (What do you like more?) somewhere in their conversation.  The end result was amazing!  Make sure to check it out below.  

*Unfortunately, we are having some technical difficulty with the folder for Ms. Mazzarella's class.  
If your son/daughter is in this class, please have them log-in at home to show you their comic.  
Sorry for the inconvenience.